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megabyte ([personal profile] megabyte) wrote2014-03-04 03:55 pm

Potential Doggie For Us?

Guess what?! I looked up the dog rescue on Facebook, and they have ALBUMS for all the adoptable dogs! What an awesome turn of events that the mommy dog, Roxie, was adopted before any of her pups. Too often, the puppies are adopted first, and the mommy dogs have to wait forever to be adopted. Super cool that she got a home already!! Yay, Roxie's new family... rocks! hehe!

Okay, so here is Roxie, Ashton's mother, with Ashton right next to her:
 photo 1377497_528021920600451_1301080073_n_zps0298e292.jpg

Ashton is the little guy I'm interested in, though I think if we are lucky enough for him to become ours, we'll be changing his name!

And here is Roxie with, I think, her new adopter family (including this to give an idea of her adult size / Ashton's expected adult size):
 photo 1375291_528021803933796_1922641115_n_zps11a0b843.jpg

Here are all three of Roxie's puppies. All boys! Left to right, Ashton, Avalanche, and Saturn.
 photo 1381804_528023137266996_1159355023_n_zps102dc5ae.jpg

Avalanche has been adopted (and renamed Prince Shea. Okay, whatever floats your boat I guess!), and Saturn and Ashton are still available.

And here's Roxie with all 3 puppies. I like how Ashton is the only one lying down when the rest of them are very alert, looking at something. Yay, lazy dog! I like him already!! hehehe!
 photo 1379358_528021893933787_277522717_n_zpsa644bad6.jpg

And then these are my favorite Ashton pics. I really do think his brother, Saturn, is incredibly cute, too. I think it's the flower pic that has me so stuck on Ashton, lol. ;)

 photo ashton03_zpsb234cada.jpg

 photo ashton01_zps36705911.jpg

 photo ashton04_zps374f4bc0.jpg

 photo ashton02_zps4e954fbf.jpg

Look at those fuzzy ears!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 The album says these pics are from 3 months ago. I wonder why he hasn't been adopted yet. I hope he's still as fuzzy and cute! I am a little sad he's not THIS puppy-ish anymore, probably. But little dogs kind of always seem like babies regardless, anyway. :)

Okay, I will (probably) stop now. ;) I love doggies so much!!