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We moved out of my mom's place and into our very own apartment just in time for my birthday! My birthday was our first full day we spent here. This is the tenth home Joe and I have shared together!! And it's Homer's third home. We've been here a while now, and so far, we're really enjoying it.

I'm sure we'll enjoy it even more once our furniture arrives! Our wonderful friend, Ren, coordinated with our moving people for estimates and for the actual loading date, which was a huge help. And as of right now, our stuff is somewhere... It was being taken to a warehouse for loading. So, depending on their schedule, it's either sitting in a warehouse, sitting in a truck in the warehouse, or sitting in a truck on a drive up here to Washington, and that is obviously what we're hoping for the most!!

Our livingroom is empty except for a few of Homer's toys and a large cardboard box that we left for Tails and Homer to play in. (So far only Tails has been interested in playing with it.) The box is what our armchair came in. The armchair is in our bedroom, along with our camp chair, a couple of mattress pads we've been sleeping on, a lamp, and a small entertainment center of sorts - a television, a TiVo, and a Wii U game console. We have a few plates and utensils, and a pot and a baking sheet in the kitchen. I never thought I owned much kitchen stuff in the first place, but I guess I did, because man I miss my kitchen things!!! I feel like our kitchen is SO empty, and it's hard figuring out what I can even cook. I got a steamer basket, which is great for veggies, but yeah, definitely looking forward to having more appliances and stuff. I am hoping to try some new recipes once our things arrive! I guess I ought to start trying some of those 400 recipes I've logged on Pinterest!

It'll be fun to set up Homer's bedroom, too, which as of now, contains only a few toys, his changing pad, and some diapers and wipes. And after we set it up, our next goal will be to see if we can get him sleeping in there.

We haven't heard anything from the movers today, so we're thinking that means they're not coming tomorrow. The 11th was the latest they'd estimated we'd get our things, and so we are hoping that'll be the day!! C'mon furniture!! WOO!

After this long without it, I'm wondering if this place will suddenly feel crowded once all our things are here?! ;)

Living here is definitely nice, even without furniture. I like the look of the buildings, which are lettered. Homer is learning the letters and asking what sound they each make! There is a small tot lot, which is basically just a slide that Homer sometimes slides down, but it doesn't keep his interest for too long. Instead, we go walking all over the lawns, holding sticks, hunting for treasure. "Treasure??" we say again and again as we lift various leaves with our sticks. This was a thing started back in our Thousand Oaks home, and Homer still absolutely loves it!!

There is a cabana here which I keep calling the clubhouse, and then Homer says "Mickey's?" Haha! I think it was called a clubhouse in some of our old apartment complexes we've lived in. Anyway, it has the main office, and a cozy seating area with a television and complimentary coffee and tea. Downstairs is a workout/fitness room with elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines. Next to that is the hot tub, and just outside is the heated pool.

I'm assuming it's because it costs a lot of money to maintain the heated temperature of an outdoor pool in colder months, but the pool is only open in the summer! So, it finally got warm enough to open in the beginning of June. I need a new swimsuit, and then I'll take Homer on down there!

It's also now warm enough for the water park to be open. It's actually a free park called Crossroads Splash Park, and it's open for play all year. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there's water spraying all over the place too! I heard it's really crowded right now, since it just opened. We're giving it a little time for the excitement to calm down a bit before heading over there ourselves.

So it's finally summer here, the sun in shining, and the jackets are sitting unused in the car, but ready to grab should the weather change at a moment's notice. And that's a definite possibility. One guy online said Washington's slogan should be, "Don't expect it to be warm and dry until after the fourth of July!"

So far, though, June has been really beautiful, warm and lovely! I'm hoping it continues all summer long. Happy Summertime, everyone!
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