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"That mine's!" Used for toys and snacks much of the time, especially when Tails is getting too interested in them for Homer's liking. I just like the placement of the "s." :)


Lately, his new favorite word is "because," pronounced, "puh-cuz." The best part is that he has no idea how to use it correctly. Examples...

"Hi! Puhcuz Bowser!"


"Garse and Sin-min in our car. Talking. Puhcuz riding in car and bat." My brother, Garth, and his wife Cinnamon were in our car when we had our fun day out yesterday and we bought little stuffed animals. Homer got a bird, and Garth got a bat, and they played with them in the backseat together. It was so funny hearing Homer say that today!

The best was when he was just rambling forever about his Super Mario dolls to me last night. I wish I could have recorded it. It went something like:

"And Pincess Peach. Puhcuz says let's have dinner. Puhcuz Mario. And Luigi! And Bowser. And jumping. Puhcuz they running 'round and 'round. Puhcuz now reading. Puhcuz sliding down Mommy's arm!"


Banana is pronounced "Banna."


When we were in the library today, I said, "Hey Homer, shh, we're in a library, so let's keep our voices down."

He responded, "No! I TALKING LOUD!!"


Sometimes when I tell him I love him very much, he responds with a very enthusiastic, "Oh-KAY!"


When we were about to leave the house earlier, we said, "All right, we're leaving to visit the library! Let's go look at lots of great books!" And he declared, "I want to see elephants! And a gorilla!" Looks like we'll have to go back to the zoo again soon! ;)


When we were on our walk, Homer had picked up a stick and was enjoying carrying it around. He saw some boys pass us heading the other direction, a few of them also carrying sticks, and Homer shouted at them, "I Homer! And a stick!"

Soon thereafter, he also picked up a rock and kept saying, "And Homer, and stick, and rock. And stick. And rock. And Homer. And..."

But he also kept saying, "I hit any any people!"

He likes to say "any any" a lot. We told him he couldn't hit any people, or animals either for that matter. He asked, "How 'bout the ground?" I said okay, just a little and he whacked the ground a few times, but then I told him, okay, enough hitting, let's just walk and no more hitting, please, so he continued walking and grimacing in his over-acting kind of way, and looking around like he was on patrol for anything that might need hitting.

As for other examples of "any any." He'll say, "There not any any cars!" when we're crossing the street.

And "I see any any books!" in the bookstore. It's really cute.


He loves the movie, The Lorax. I love that he usually calls it "the loris." But I also love that he tries to sing the song. From that movie, he'll sing, "Ba-ah can I be?" He'll also say a later line, "Look-ah me. Pet puppy."

(For those who may not know the song, it goes, "How ba-a-a-ad can I be? I'm just following my destiny..." And later, "Look at me, pettin' this puppy!")

And if I sing part of the verse of a later song, he'll chime in with the chorus, "Let it grow, let it grow..."

He also knows a lot of the words to the theme song of "Adventure Time." The real words are:

Adventure Time,
C'mon grab your friends,
We'll go to very
distant lands.
With Jake the Dog and
Finn the Human,
The fun will never end,
it's Adventure Time!

Homer sings, "Fenshuh time. Friends. Jake dog, Finn human. Fenshuh time!"

He also used to sing, "Jeepers creepers" like this:

Jeepers, jeepers, where'd ya get jeepers??

But now he actually says:

"Jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get creepers? Jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get dem eyes??"

He sings it so fervently, it's as though he's really demanding an answer to that question. He also sometimes sings it in a frighteningly deep voice. We call it his demon singing. It's especially unsettling to hear, "Where'd ya get dem eyes??" in such a growly, scary voice! It was even worse when he had his cold! He could get his voice even deeper and growlier than usual!


Homer makes me laugh more than I ever imagined. He lights up my life! <3
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