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My brother, Garth, and his wife, Cinnamon, invited us to Marymoor Park for my Garth’s birthday party a few days after we arrived here, and it was a lot of fun. Garth’s birthday happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year. Garth looked it up and realized his birthday (March 31) will land on Easter once every fourteen years or something like that. I remember it happening once when we were kids, at least. I had a lot of fun making his card, turning a kids’ “1 little, 2 little, 3 little fishes” card into a “1 little, 2 little, 30 little fishes” card, which involved drawing 27 more fish. It made me laugh, and even more importantly, it made Garth laugh! Yay!! I can’t believe my “little” brother is 30 now!!! Crazy.

Before we left for the park, Homer got to enjoy finding his very first Easter basket! It was so much fun, and he loved the toys he received (a rubbery lizard, and a peeping chick and Easter Snoopy!). He even picked out the basket himself, when we chose them at the store. I loved making little Easter baskets for him, Garth, and Cinnamon!! (Mom, Homer, and I had fun shopping for them, too!) It was fun watching Homer take out the toys one by one, as he smiled so much!!


We found our way to the park pretty easily, and it was so lovely! Tall gorgeous trees everywhere, big green lawns all around. Cinnamon and Garth had an awesome spread going on at the picnic tables! Costco hot dogs, drinks, salad, amazing bean dip, chips, and lots of Easter candy, among other things. They also dyed and hid 23 Easter eggs, and Homer and Joe and I all got to hunt for them. It was Homer’s very first Easter egg hunt! It was so fun!! I loved when we’d say, “Maybe there’s another one… somewhere near THIS tree… Maybe near the bottom?” and Homer’s eyes would search methodically up and down. Then suddenly he’d see it and say, “Another one!” Then carefully pick it up and place his arm all the way in the bottom of the bag to set it down carefully. It was so cute! After we found them all, I took them out of the bag to photograph them, and when I tried to put them away, Homer wanted to take them all out again. He even peeled one, but then he didn’t want to eat it. We eventually convinced him to pass them out to the party goers. He made us all laugh and smile so much!




We also got to watch Garth and his friends play Bocce Ball. I’d never seen anyone play that before and it looked like a lot of fun! I mostly stayed busy wrangling Homer, though, and kept him out of the way of flying heavy Bocce balls as we watched. We looked at rocks for a while, “Mommy! More wocks!” Then, Homer and Mom and I all went over to the playground.



It was an incredibly beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly, and it was warm and cool at the same time. It was probably about 70 degrees. People jokingly thanked us for bringing the nice weather with us. The only sad part about such nice weather was that people seemed completely shocked by it, and kept saying how incredibly unusual it was. I was kind of hoping for a minute there that it wasn’t SO crazy for the weather to be that lovely, but apparently it is! (I got worried that meant the weather would be terrible soon enough, but since then, it has been pretty rainy and it hasn’t been too bad at all!)

(See? Nothing we can't handle!)

At the playground, we saw some crazy kids all playing wildly. Everyone was going nuts in the amazing weather, apparently! A few kids argued a lot, then kept playing, apparently sorting it all out. Then these little girls, sisters, were playing a game that involved piling up wood chips on the sidewalk area. A little boy who didn’t know them, awkwardly pedaled his tricycle through the area. The sisters ran over and shouted, “No, stop!” in an act of protection against their wood chips. He did, for a moment, then not understanding what was going on, or perhaps just not caring, he left, awkwardly bumping the smallest girl who jumped out of the way as he continued on. The smaller girl started crying and complaining to her big sister about what happened, then the little boy came circling back, not even realizing what had happened. “Hey!” the big sister called. “HEY! YOU HIT HER!! YOU RAN INTO HER!!” she screamed at him, following him on foot. The little boy’s eyes widened as he pedaled faster and faster. Big sister ran after him, “YOU HIT HER! YOU HIT HER!” she yelled, chasing him, as the little boy hunkered down, spinning his little feet as fast as possible, faster and faster, in order to get away. It was a pretty funny sight to see!

Anyway, we played for a while, Homer going up and down the slides, trying out the bouncy wooden animal things you can ride there, sliding some more, swinging a bit, and having an awesome time. Eventually, we made our way back to our picnic table areas. Garth and Cinnamon had brought their hula hoops and hooped a while earlier. Then Homer and I gave it a go. We had to stop once Homer decided the best way for me to hoop was with him standing right against my leg!

The bocce ball game ended, and we chatted a while longer as we enjoyed another of Cinnamon’s fantastic cupcakes. Then, everything wrapped up and we all helped G&C carry all their stuff back to their car.

It was really wonderful being out at such a nice park, so much of my family all in the same place, having a wonderful time celebrating together. Happy birthday, Garth!!! It was awesome sharing a fantastic day with you!!
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