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Homer was playing with his Mario and Bowser dolls (from the Super Mario games, naturally), and I overheard Homer's cute little voice, as he lowered it to make them talk (I love when he does voices for other things):

Mario: I love you.
Bowser: I love you, too!
Mario: You're a good friend.


* * *

Joe: Did you poop?
Homer: Yes! [pause] {then, shaking his index finger back and forth} Or, maaaybe not!!

* * *

While I was in the kitchen making lunch, and Homer was watching me from the dining area:

Homer: Mommy, come here!
Me: Where?
Homer, pointing next to himself: Right HERE.
Me: Why?
Homer: To be closer to me!

* * *

Joe takes daily medication for his heart, and Homer knows this, and often asks what Joe is doing, so he tells him, "I'm taking my medicine."

So, when Homer got an ear infection (which was not fun), he was totally excited to find out that he had his own medicine. "HOMER'S medicine??" And he takes it eagerly, and often asks for more. "Homer try medicine AGAIN?" Thank goodness for strawberry flavoring! Best two bucks ever spent!

On the same note, as far as the ear infection goes, we didn't know what was wrong for a couple hours the night he was crying so hard. Nightmare? Hungry? (he hadn't eaten much dinner)

Then finally, Homer patted his ear and through tears said, "Mommy kiss it!" And that's when I knew it was hurting him. Poor guy! But SO sweet, too.

* * *

Homer can now jump pretty well, and he can do somersaults really, really well! He loves flipping over and over the beds in the evening.

* * *

His favorite thing to ask lately, is, "What you doing there?" Mommy, what you doing there?? Daddy, what you doing there??

He used to say, if he couldn't see you right away, "ARRREE you?" But now he adds the word "where."

"Where aaaaare you?"

He even said it when we were looking for the Arby's around here the other day. I said, "Where is this Arby's anyway?" and Homer said, "Arby's, where aaaarrrre you?" LOL!

* * *

I've told Homer to say excuse me when he burps or farts, and I naturally try to model this behavior as well.

So the other day I farted (full disclosure, lol), and Homer said, "Mommy, you farted!"

"Yes I did. Excuse me," I said.

Homer turned to Tails sitting next to us and said conversationally, "Excuse me, Tails. Mommy farted!"

That's not quite what I meant for him to learn, but whatever, he's getting it. Kind of!


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