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I’m sitting here, feeling somewhat writerly-blocked, thinking of what I want to say about the actual move, the drive itself. It is a bit hard to describe! We saw miles and miles of farm land. And some cows! Lots of cows. Then lots of trees!

The whole time, it still never felt like we were really MOVING. Not really. And to tell you the truth, it still doesn’t! The drive was long, but do-able. Tails, contrary to my belief and concern, did not spend the entire drive meowing his head off. In fact, he was remarkably quiet almost the entire time, but I don’t think it’s because he was relaxed, per se. He didn’t really sleep. We kept checking on him, and he was awake, staring out at us. We tried to stop as little as possible. Our food and potty breaks were quite short. I was surprised Homer did so well, too! He just watched “How to Train Your Dragon,” on repeat, for the most part!! Luckily, we all love that movie.

Joe turned his iPad into a WiFi hotspot and downloaded a bunch of podcasts for me. It was cool hearing Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla together again! I hadn’t listened to them together since the days of Loveline back in the late 90s. Each show was an hour long, and it was entertaining to listen to. Relationship questions, sex questions, the general generic ramblings of Adam Corolla… Fun times! Some of it we had to turn off and wait until Homer was asleep to listen to, because at one point they went on a crazy profanity rant. It was very funny, but I don’t need Homer trying to repeat all that!

That first day we made it all the way to Ashland, Oregon. It was 630 miles in 11 hours. The next day was more of the same, 480 miles I think, over 8.5 hours. CRAZY.

I loved that I was saying things like, “Wow, this is like Idyllwild, this looks like England… “ And Joe said things like, “This looks like Need for Speed. This looks like Sky Rim!” (Xbox games) That made us laugh that we were saying such different things.

In Oregon, we were driving along the 5, and out of nowhere, there was just this huge metal dragon!! It was so cool!

Oh the hotel in Oregon was awesome, too. It was really nice, and Tails seemed to like it okay. Homer, too. We ordered a pizza and I went to the vending machines to find soda (and it was a success!). The next morning, we got up early, and I took Homer swimming in the pool. He was hesitant, but then I put him on my back and “ran” through the water (super slo-mo), and he laughed and laughed. It helped that I sang crazy horse-running songs, I think. Then I took him to the hot tub and he sat on the edge while I dunked myself for a few minutes. My shoulders were achey. Then we went back to our room and showered. I came out and asked the front desk dude, “What are the breakfast options?” He looked really confused, so I elaborated, “Is it a restaurant? Does it come with our room?” And he said, “Oh yes, it’s complimentary with the room.” I asked where it was and he motioned behind me. The thing I thought was a restaurant was more like a cafeteria, a huge breakfast buffet, plates, utensils, everything, and lots of chairs and tables, all free to use!

So I went to get Joe and Homer and we came out to eat the lovely breakfast. They had cinnamon rolls and mini muffins, little omelettes with refried beans and cheese and salsa in the middle, they had pancakes, bagels, toast, juice, coffee, cereal (hot and cold), etc.. Really good stuff! Yay for Holiday Inn Express!! My favorite was the pancake machine. “Press OK for 2 pancakes” it said on the side. I pressed the button that said OK, then the screen read, “Making 1 of 2 pancakes.” HA! It was like being at Kinko’s! Printing pancakes!!

We had stopped at Carl’s Jr on the first day and felt sick. The second day we stopped at Subway in Oregon and it was the best Subway we’ve ever had!! So fresh and yummy!

We were surprised when we left Portland and suddenly, on the bridge, it said, “Welcome to Washington!” We were like, what really?? We had no idea Portland was on the border like that.

We stopped in a McDonald’s to use the bathroom and let Homer walk around a bit. He kept making poop noises but then I’d check and there was no poop. Then he cried as he strained a bit, and we felt so bad realizing he’d just been sitting way too much. So we got to McDonald’s and walked around, then I used the bathroom, and as I was doing so, Homer had a successful poop. I’m sure you’re all glad to know! Ha! Anyway, then we ran around the McDonald’s in circles and it was fun (and not as obnoxious as it probably sounds). We were quiet and not running too fast. It was actually really, really cute and awesome. Every lap we made, I’d say, “Okay, let’s check, is Daddy out of the bathroom yet? No? Okay, one more lap! How many times can we run before he gets back??” It was great for both of us to just run around a bit! (The answer is 4, by the way, haha!)

Then we hopped back in the car and got going. Homer fell asleep. And then, suddenly, it was time to get off the freeway. It felt really weird driving up to my mom’s house. Usually, I fly in! So it just felt surreal and totally strange for a minute. And then we were here! We set up the air mattress, we hung out, we ate my mom’s meatloaf, we ran around in the backyard (well, it’s like a common area shared lawn) for a while. It was good to just be done driving, and to finally BE here.

More soon!


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